Friday, March 9, 2012

Having fun With Casa de Bambimee Kids

During my 3rd Semester holidays, I decided to go "state-hoping" instead of getting a job 
or ever finishing my LESEN.


 My 1st visit was to my home town POrt Klang followed by Port Dickson; my favourite kampung . During my stay I learned how to cook 4 different receipe at the same time, bake my own batch of cookies, do a few things that I've always wanted to try and took photos for my "Just-married" cousin Halimah at the Tadika!

 Though I was suppose to send these photos to her before the wedding, somehow it manage to slip my mind and well the wedding is over :P Here are the belated photos that was meant for the wedding flash back !


Every time I enter a room all the kids would line up automatically and start posing for the camera. They are a few of them would just stare and wonder at the camera, while some of them even considered pushing each other just for the sake of being in the camera.

As you can see keeping them still is not an easy task!

After visiting each and every class room it was time for the real purpose of being there take a video of them telling Halimah how much they love her and pictures of them before and after saying it.. Tehee~

At first the kids were quite nervous and  had no understanding of what they had to do...  
So, we decided to have a few practice rounds before we took another video

The were much more happening than before.
 And they couldn't put their hands down due to the excitement pumped into them.

"Cheeky Friends"

"Dancing or twirling?" 

Working with the kids was alot of fun, since I had my share of fun.
Though it was hard working with them and I learn many new things.
The many faces that was provided by them are irreplaceable and their blindness towards  each other is something we should learn from them.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

24 Hours Before Physcology

When September arrived, we were already finishing off the remaining topic for all of our subjects.
After a week worth of study-while-watch-movie-and-playing, I was finally facing the 1st paper and another week worth doing... well nothing. 

Since I already studied early, most of the days i was just playing around and relaxing most of the time. And just one day before my Physcology paper, I decided to go on a photo shoot around Melaka with Lydia, Acap and Aiman.

On that day, I finally used my 50 mm lens and learned how to  use it better than before!

While sitting around and looking for some interesting things, there was a group that was taking pictures of models and Acap decided to take part of it, with my camera. 

Acap is an AD Photography student and takes beautiful pictures, thanks to him me and Lydia learned a thing or two.



"Random Man beside me"

"Uncle ice-cream"



"day dreaming"

"Lydia Amalina"


The pictures below, was an "aunty", who we decided to get to know better.
We found her character and determination inspiring. 
She traveled all the way from a kampung, which is located far from the city. It takes her at least 3 hours to reach her destination and she travels by bicycle.
She sells fruits and only get RM 100++ if she is lucky, most of the time she has a hard time earning just a few dollars.
Me and Acap decided to buy some of her fruits and Aiman bought her favorite ice-cream.


"Telling her Story"


"Clerk at Work"

"Beyond the Hole"

After walking around, me and Lydia got tired and hungry.
After a few turns and going here and there, we found a small restaurant called "Nyonya". 
The food and drink was 100% pure ingredients and DELICIOUS!

"Sagu", nyonya's famous dessert 

"Laksa Nyonya"

I tried to take the "Reflection" of the buildings.
 Only Lydia manage to get a better one.

"Reflection of the Lights"

The four of us got tired and decided to hang out at Padang Dataran Pahlawan.
Acap had a go with my camera again as I lay down and relax beside him.

We bought a tube of glowing sticks and played with it as if we were small kids. 
I decided to take pictures using the slow shutter and eventually "Bulb".

"Moving Colors"

The last picture was taken using "Bulb", I pushed the glowing ball from my lap all the way down to the floor thus creating this effect.